This is Volvene
What we do
Conductor & Pianoplayer

This is Volvene

Volvene is a ladies choir founded in Stavanger, Norway in 1995. The choir consists
of 30 women. With a positive and refreshing approach, Volvene celebrates the
female voice.

Energy, determination and commitment have brought the choir to the attention of
the  Stavanger town.

We have performed in concert halls, under church arches, at corporate festivities
and as accompaniment to many well-established artists. Our audiences say that
we have the ability to spell-bind. Which we like!

We like to spread good humour and joy, we like our listeners to feel the musical
resonance that choral works can produce.

Volvene – what sort of a name is that?
“Volve” translates into Valkyrie, which symbolizes femininity, wisdom and strength.
In Viking times, Volvene were considered to be the most powerful religious
scientists. She was so highly respected that the chief of the village gave up his
seat to her at the head of the table.

“Volven” was a fortune-teller who could predict people’s future and health. She
was called upon in cases of emergencies, and her services were very expensive.

This is why we felt that Volvene was a name fitting for us.

Volvene singing in the UNESCO palace in Paris.